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At first there was just one...

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0SAM_0553_small.JPGAt first there was just one...
1SAM_0554_small.JPGThen a box arrived...
2SAM_0555_small.JPGSo I built this little piece of deck for a base...
It would be nice to pour a nice slab, but that's more work than I'm up for.
3SAM_0559_small.JPGYou have to take all the junk out before you can move the shed
4SAM_0560_small.JPGOne shed worth of junk
5SAM_0561_small.JPGI dragged the old shed off it's base
6SAM_0562_small.JPGThe base of the old shed exposed
7SAM_0558_small.JPGThe base of the old shed moved closer to the street to make room for the new shed
8SAM_0563_small.JPGthe old shed moved one foot closer to the street
9SAM_0564_small.JPG"Able to fashion and use tools" - a special tool to turn the connector thingers
10SAM_0565_small.JPGTool doing it's thing
11SAM_0567_small.JPGAnd then there were two