Part Number Voltage Current Notes Peak BCP Lumens MSCP(1) Source
LM2A001 3V (2AA) 2,952 15.2 Maglite
LWSA201 3V (2D) Krypton 16,200 36.5 Maglite
LWSA301 4.5V (3D) Krypton 22,000 76.8 Maglite
LMSA201 3V (2D) Xenon 19,200 40.6 Maglite
LMSA301 4.5V (3D) Xenon 31,200 82.5 Maglite
LMSA301 4.5V (3D) Xenon 31,200 82.5 Maglite
#PR2 2.38V (2D) 0.5A 10.1 (calc) 0.8
#PR3 3.57V (3D) 0.5A 18.9 (calc) 1.5
HPR36 5.5V (4D) 1.0A Halogen 93
HPR44 4.0V (3 Nicad) 1.0A Halogen 54
HPR50 5.2V (4D) 0.85A Halogen 85
HPR52 2.8V (2D) 0.85A Halogen 35
HPR53 4.0V (3D) 0.85A Halogen 48
KPR2 2.38V (2D) 0.5A Krypton 10.1 (calc) 0.8
Flashlite Conversions
1) MSCP (Approximate Mean Spherical Candlepower)
is the generally accepted method of rating the total light output of miniature lamps. To convert this rating to lumens, multiple it by 12.57 (4pi).