Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective AgencyfictionAdams, Douglas 2008 
The Piebald HippogrifffictionAnderson, Karen 2015short story
Tau ZerofictionAnderson, Poul   
The Broken SwordfictionAnderson, Poul 2016 
The Chapter EndsfictionAnderson, Poul 2016 
The Industrial RevolutionfictionAnderson, Poul 2015short story
The Valor of Cappen VarrafictionAnderson, Poul 2015short story
Agent of the Terran EmpirefictionAnderson, PoulEnsign Flandry, Book 12010 
MirkheimfictionAnderson, PoulPolesotechnic League  
RefugeefictionAnthony, PiersBio of a Space Tyrant  
On A Pale Horse (Death)fictionAnthony, PiersIncarnations  
A Spell for ChameleonfictionAnthony, PiersXanth 012006 
Crewel LyefictionAnthony, PiersXanth 08  
Question QuestfictionAnthony, PiersXanth 142012 
I, RobotfictionAsimov, Isaac 2020 
NemesisfictionAsimov, Isaac   
YouthfictionAsimov, Isaac 2106Novella
Prelude to FoundationfictionAsimov, IsaacFoundation 12017 
Forward the FoundationfictionAsimov, IsaacFoundation 2  
FoundationfictionAsimov, IsaacFoundation 32017 
Foundation and EmpirefictionAsimov, IsaacFoundation 42019 
Second FoundationfictionAsimov, IsaacFoundation 52019 
Foundation's EdgefictionAsimov, IsaacFoundation 6  
Foundation and EarthfictionAsimov, IsaacFoundation 72019 
The Currents of SpacefictionAsimov, IsaacGalactic Empire 22018 
Pebble in the SkyfictionAsimov, IsaacGalactic Empire 320102014
The Naked SunfictionAsimov, IsaacThe robot series 2 R. Daneel Olivaw novel  
The Robots of DawnfictionAsimov, IsaacThe robot series 3 R. Daneel Olivaw novel2018 
NightfallfictionAsimov, Isaac and Silverberg, Robert 2018 
The Ugly Little BoyfictionAsimov, Isaac and Silverberg, Robert 2020 
Another Fine MythfictionAsprin, RobertMyth  
MYTH Inc in Action / Sweet Myth-tery of LifefictionAsprin, RobertMyth2003 
Thieves' WorldfictionAsprin, RobertMyth  
Phule's CompanyfictionAsprin, RobertPhule's Saga  
Phule's ParadisefictionAsprin, RobertPhule's Saga2010 
DawnthieffictionBarclay, James 2011 
RingfictionBaxter, StephenXeelee Sequence #42009 
EonfictionBear, Greg 2009 
Queen of AngelsfictionBear, Greg 2009 
Vanishing PointfictionBeck, C. C. 2015 
Against InfinityfictionBenford, Gregory 2020 
The Sigma Structure SymphonyfictionBenford, GregoryThe Palencar Project2020short story
Bowl of HeavenfictionBenford, Gregory and Niven, Larry 2018 
The Holes Around MarsfictionBixby, Jerome 2016 
The Dueling MachinefictionBova, Ben 2016 
The Door Through SpacefictionBradley, Marion Zimmer 2016 
ExistencefictionBrin, David 2017 
Kiln PeoplefictionBrin, David 2015 
The Practice EffectfictionBrin, David 1984 
Foundation's TriumphfictionBrin, DavidSecond Foundation Trilogy2017 
Sun DiverfictionBrin, DavidUplift Universe 11984 
Startide RisingfictionBrin, DavidUplift Universe 21984 
Brightness ReeffictionBrin, DavidUplift Universe 42017 
Infinity's ShorefictionBrin, DavidUplift Universe 52017 
Heaven's ReachfictionBrin, DavidUplift Universe 62018 
Stand on ZanzibarfictionBrunner, John 2014 
The Aeronaut's WindlassfictionButcher, JimThe Cinder Spires 12016 
Storm FrontfictionButcher, JimThe Dresden Files 12016 
Islands of SpacefictionCampbell, John W. Jr. 2016 
EmpirefictionCard, Orson Scott 2021 
Hart's HopefictionCard, Orson Scott 2017 
The Lost GatefictionCard, Orson Scott 2019 
Ender's GamefictionCard, Orson Scott(07)2016 
Ender's ShadowfictionCard, Orson Scott(08)2017 
Shadow PuppetsfictionCard, Orson Scott(12)2018 
Ender in ExilefictionCard, Orson Scott(14)2016 
Speaker for the DeadfictionCard, Orson Scott(16)2017 
Seventh SonfictionCard, Orson ScottAlvin Maker Book 12019 
Alice's Adventures in WonderlandfictionCarroll, Lewis 2016 
If You Will Asknon-fictionChambers, Oswald 2006 
Heavy TimefictionCherryh, C. J.The Alliance-Union universe - The Company Wars (1)2018 
HellburnerfictionCherryh, C. J.The Alliance-Union universe - The Company Wars (2)  
Downbelow StationfictionCherryh, C. J.The Alliance-Union universe - The Company Wars (3)2009 
HammerfallfictionCherryh, C.J.Gene Wars 12017 
The Ball and the CrossfictionChesterton, G. K. 2017 
The Innocence of Father BrownfictionChesterton, G. K. 2017 
The Man Who Was Thursday: A NightmarefictionChesterton, G. K. 2017 
2001, A Space OddeseyfictionClarke, Arthur C. 2002 
2010: odessy twofictionClarke, Arthur C. 2017 
3001 The Final OdysseyfictionClarke, Arthur C. 2015 
Against the Fall of NightfictionClarke, Arthur C. 2014, 2021 
Childhood's EndfictionClarke, Arthur C.   
Glide PathfictionClarke, Arthur C. 2010 
The Deep RangefictionClarke, Arthur C. 2013 
The Fountains of ParadisefictionClarke, Arthur C.   
The Hammer of GodfictionClarke, Arthur C. 2017 
The Sands of MarsfictionClarke, Arthur C. 2020 
The Songs of Distant EarthfictionClarke, Arthur C. 2008 
Rendezvous With RamafictionClarke, Arthur C.Rama 1  
Time's EyefictionClarke, Arthur C. and Baxter, StephenBook 1 of a Time Odyssey2009 
SunstormfictionClarke, Arthur C. and Baxter, StephenBook 2 of a Time Odyssey2009 
FirstbornfictionClarke, Arthur C. and Baxter, StephenBook 3 of a Time Odyssey2010 
CradlefictionClarke, Arthur C. and Lee, Gentry 2010 
Rama IIfictionClarke, Arthur C. and Lee, GentryRama 2  
Garden of RamafictionClarke, Arthur C. and Lee, GentryRama 3  
Rama RevealedfictionClarke, Arthur C. and Lee, GentryRama 4  
The Last TheoremfictionClarke, Arthur C. and Pohl, Frederik 2010 
The Dragon Never SleepsfictionCook, Glen 2009 
The Black CompanyfictionCook, GlenChronicles of the Black Company 012012The Books of the North
Shadows LingerfictionCook, GlenChronicles of the Black Company 022010The Books of the North
The White RosefictionCook, GlenChronicles of the Black Company 032013The Books of the North
The Silver SpikefictionCook, GlenChronicles of the Black Company 03.52013 
Shadow GamesfictionCook, GlenChronicles of the Black Company 042011Books of the South
Dreams of SteelfictionCook, GlenChronicles of the Black Company 052013Books of the South
Bleak SeasonsfictionCook, GlenChronicles of the Black Company 062013Glittering Stone
She Is the DarknessfictionCook, GlenChronicles of the Black Company 072013Glittering Stone
Water SleepsfictionCook, GlenChronicles of the Black Company 082013Glittering Stone
Soldiers LivefictionCook, GlenChronicles of the Black Company 092013Glittering Stone
DoomstalkerfictionCook, GlenDarkwar #12013 
WarlockfictionCook, GlenDarkwar #22013 
CeremonyfictionCook, GlenDarkwar #32013 
Sweet Silver BluesfictionCook, GlenFiles of Garrett P.I. ( 1)2008 
Bitter Gold HeartsfictionCook, GlenFiles of Garrett P.I. ( 2)2008 
Cold Copper TearsfictionCook, GlenFiles of Garrett P.I. ( 3)2012 
Old Tin SorrowsfictionCook, GlenFiles of Garrett P.I. ( 4)2010 
Dread Brass ShadowsfictionCook, GlenFiles of Garrett P.I. ( 5)  
Red Iron NightsfictionCook, GlenFiles of Garrett P.I. ( 6)  
Deadly Quicksilver LiesfictionCook, GlenFiles of Garrett P.I. ( 7)2012 
Petty Pewter GodsfictionCook, GlenFiles of Garrett P.I. ( 8)2009 
Faded Steel HeatfictionCook, GlenFiles of Garrett P.I. ( 9)2012 
Angry Lead SkiesfictionCook, GlenFiles of Garrett P.I. (10)2010 
Whispering Nickel IdolsfictionCook, GlenFiles of Garrett P.I. (11)2012 
Cruel Zinc MelodiesfictionCook, GlenFiles of Garrett P.I. (12)2008 
Gilded Latten BonesfictionCook, GlenFiles of Garrett P.I. (13)2010 
Wicked Bronze AmbitionfictionCook, GlenFiles of Garrett P.I. (14)2014 
Shadow LinefictionCook, GlenStar Fishers Volume 12013 
StarfishersfictionCook, GlenStar Fishers Volume 22013 
Stars EndfictionCook, GlenStar Fishers Volume 32013 
Passage at ArmsfictionCook, GlenStar Fishers universe2009 
A Shadow of All Night FallingfictionCook, GlenThe Dread Empire 12017 
October's BabyfictionCook, GlenThe Dread Empire 22017 
A Fortress in ShadowfictionCook, GlenThe Dread Empire 4,52015The Fire in His Hands
With Mercy toward None
Reap The East WindfictionCook, GlenThe Dread Empire 62015 
An Ill Fate MarshallingfictionCook, GlenThe Dread Empire 72015 
A Path to Coldness of HeartfictionCook, GlenThe Dread Empire 82016 
The Tyranny of the NightfictionCook, GlenThe Instrumentalities of the Night 12013 
Lord of the Silent KingdomfictionCook, GlenThe Instrumentalities of the Night 22011 
Surrender to the Will of the NightfictionCook, GlenThe Instrumentalities of the Night 32016 
Working God's MischieffictionCook, GlenThe Instrumentalities of the Night 42016 
Fatherhoodnon-fictionCosby, Bill 1985 
MogworldfictionCroshaw, Yahtzee 2014 
Sir Apropos of NothingfictionDavid, Peter 2006 
The Woad to WuinfictionDavid, Peter 2019 
Dead RingerfictionDel Rey, Lester 2015short story
No Strings AttachedfictionDel Rey, Lester 2015short story
Police Your PlanetfictionDel Rey, Lester 2015short story
The Dwindling YearsfictionDel Rey, Lester 2015short story
EggheadsfictionDevenport, Emily 2009 
LarissafictionDevenport, Emily 2017 
GodheadsfictionDevenport, Emilysequel to Eggheads2009 
Beyond Lies the WubfictionDick, Philip K. 2015short story
The Hanging StrangerfictionDick, Philip K. 2015short story, horror
The Variable ManfictionDick, Philip K. 2015short story
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?fictionDick, Philip K.aka Blade Runner2008 
Hunted Down: The Detective Stories of Charles DickensfictionDickens, Charles 2017 
CraphoundfictionDoctorow, Cory 2015short story
Down and Out in the Magic KingdomfictionDoctorow, Cory 2020 
MakersfictionDoctorow, Cory 2019 
Shadow of the MothashipfictionDoctorow, Cory 2015short story
TruncatfictionDoctorow, Cory 2020short story
Contentnon-fictionDoctrow, Cory 2020 
The Gap into Conflict: The Real StoryfictionDonaldson, Stephen R.The Gap Cycle2008 
The Independent CommandfictionDoohan, James and Stirling, S. M.volume 3 of the flight engineer2002 
Pharaoh's Broker / Being the Very Remarkable Experiences in Another World of Isidor WernerfictionDouglass, Ellsworth 2015 
The Memoirs of Sherlock HolmesfictionDoyle, Arthur Conan 2017 
The Poison BeltfictionDoyle, Arthur Conan 2016novella
Isaac Asimov's DetectivesfictionDozois, Garner and Williams, Sheila 2018Short stories
The Chemical History of a Candlenon-fictionFaraday, Michael 2016 
Rastignac the DevilfictionFarmer, Philip Jose 2016 
The Green OdysseyfictionFarmer, Philip Jose 2016 
They Twinkled Like JewelsfictionFarmer, Philip Jose 2015short story, horror
Venus on the Half-ShellfictionFarmer, Philip JoseTrout, Kilgore  
Life FormfictionFoster, Alan Dean 2010 
Montezuma StripfictionFoster, Alan Dean 2018 
Star Wars: A New HopefictionFoster, Alan Dean 1976 
The BeaconfictionFreireich, Valerie J. 2009 
Revenge of the Cold MachinesfictionFujisaku, JunichiGhost In the Shell universe2008 
The Lost MemoryfictionFujisaku, JunichiGhost In the Shell universe2008 
White MazefictionFujisaku, JunichiGhost In the Shell universe2008 
Anansi BoysfictionGaiman, Neil 2008 
NeverwherefictionGaiman, Neil 2008 
StardustfictionGaiman, Neil 2015 
The Ocean at the End of the LanefictionGaiman, Neil 2016 
Count ZerofictionGibson, William 2014 
NeuromancerfictionGibson, William 2014 
The Power of Crying Out: When Prayer Becomes Mightynon-fictionGothard, Bill 2011 
The Wind in the WillowsfictionGrahame, Kenneth 2016 
InterworldfictionHaiblum, Isidore 2017 
The Hand of GanzfictionHaiblum, Isidore 2011 
GuardianfictionHaldeman, Joe 2017 
Old TwentiethfictionHaldeman, Joe 2020 
The Forever WarfictionHaldeman, Joe 2014 
There is No DarknessfictionHaldeman, Joe and
Haldeman, Jack C. III
Planet of the DamnedfictionHarrison, Harry 2014 
The K-FactorfictionHarrison, Harry 2014 
The RepairmanfictionHarrison, Harry 2014(short story)
Bill the Galactic HerofictionHarrison, HarryBill the Galactic Hero  
The Misplaced BattleshipfictionHarrison, HarryStainless Steel Rat short-story2015 
The Stainless Steel RatfictionHarrison, HarryThe Stainless Steel Rat  
The Stainless Steel Rat Joins the CircusfictionHarrison, HarryThe Stainless Steel Rat  
Bill the Galactic Hero - The Final Incoherent Adventure!fictionHarrison, Harry and Harris, DavidBill the Galactic Hero2011 
Bill the Galactic Hero on the Planet of Bottled BrainsfictionHarrison, Harry and Sheckley, RobertBill the Galactic Hero  
Glory RoadfictionHeinlein, Robert A.  An attempt to justify promiscuous sex. Last Heinlen I read for a long time.
Orphans of the SkyfictionHeinlein, Robert A.   
Podkayne of MarsfictionHeinlein, Robert A.   
Space CadetfictionHeinlein, Robert A.   
Starman JonesfictionHeinlein, Robert A. 2008 
Starship TroopersfictionHeinlein, Robert A.   
Stranger in a Strange LandfictionHeinlein, Robert A. 1973 
The Green Hills of EarthfictionHeinlein, Robert A. 2011 
The Moon is a Harsh MistressfictionHeinlein, Robert A.   
DunefictionHerbert, FrankDune  
Dune MessiahfictionHerbert, FrankDune  
God Emperor of DunefictionHerbert, FrankDune  
From God to You by way of the Zoonon-fictionHill, Harold D. 2011 
The House on the BorderlandfictionHodgson, William Hope 2016 
Made in TanganyikafictionJacobi, Carl Richard 2017short story
Living with Confidence in a Chaotic Worldnon-fictionJeremiah, Dr. David 2102 
The Baker's BoyfictionJones, J. V. 2000 
Rikki-Tikki-TavifictionKipling, Rudyard 2016short story
Free-WrenchfictionLallo, Joeseph R. 2016 
The Compleat BolofictionLaumer, Keith   
The Tranquility WarsfictionLee, Gentry 2010 
Mere Christianitynon-fictionLewis, C. S.   
Miraclesnon-fictionLewis, C. S. 2006 
Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Lifenon-fictionLewis, C. S.   
The Great Divorcefiction(?)Lewis, C. S. 2004 
The Screwtape LettersfictionLewis, C. S.   
The Weight of Glorynon-fictionLewis, C. S. 2015 
Out of the Silent PlanetfictionLewis, C. S.Space Trilogy - 1st  
PerelandrafictionLewis, C. S.Space Trilogy - 2nd  
That Hideous StrengthfictionLewis, C. S.Space Trilogy - 3rd  
The Lion, THe Witch and THe WardrobefictionLewis, C. S.The Chronicles of Narnia (1)  
Prince Caspian: The Return to NarniafictionLewis, C. S.The Chronicles of Narnia (2)2107 
Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earthnon-fictionLindsey, Hall; Carlson, Carole C. 1974 
The Late, Great Planet Earthnon-fictionLindsey, Hall; Carlson, Carole C. 1974 
James - Faith in Actionnon-fictionLuck, G. ColemanEveryman's Bible Commentary2008 
Is God on America's Side?non-fictionLutzer, Erwin W. 2014 
Force 10 From NavaronefictionMacLean, Alistair 1969 
HMS UlyssesfictionMacLean, Alistair 1969 
Ice Station ZebrafictionMacLean, Alistair 1969 
Night Without EndfictionMacLean, Alistair 1969 
South by Java HeadfictionMacLean, Alistair 1969 
The Guns of NavaronefictionMacLean, Alistair 1969 
The Crystal SingerfictionMcCaffrey, AnneCrystal Singer trilogy (1)2013 
Toolmaker KoanfictionMcLoughlin, John 2009 
Not that it Mattersfiction(?)Milne, A. A. 2015 
The Red House MysteryfictionMilne, A. A. 2017 
FlashfictionModesitt, L. E. Jr. 2017 
Octagonal RavenfictionModesitt, L. E. Jr. 2007 
The One-Eyed ManfictionModesitt, L. E. Jr. 2018Skytubes,Palencar
The Chaos BalancefictionModesitt, L. E. Jr.Saga of Recluse2002 
The Magic of ReclusefictionModesitt, L. E. Jr.Saga of Recluse  
The Towers of The SunsetfictionModesitt, L. E. Jr.Saga of Recluse2003 
New World BluesfictionModesitt, L. E. Jr.The Palencar Project2020short story
Dawn for a Distant EarthFictionModesitt, L. E. Jr.Volume 1 of the Forever Hero2020 
Sit, Walk, Standnon-fictionNee, Watchman 2012 
Questioning Evangelismnon-fictionNewman, Randy 2020 
Draco TavernfictionNiven, Larry 2009 
The Integral TreesfictionNiven, Larry   
A Gift From EarthfictionNiven, LarryKnown Space2016 
ProtectorfictionNiven, LarryKnown Space2017 
RingworldfictionNiven, LarryRingworld Series, Known Space2004 
Ringworld EngineersfictionNiven, LarryRingworld Series, Known Space2008 
Ringworld ThronefictionNiven, LarryRingworld Series, Known Space2008 
Ringworld's ChildrenfictionNiven, LarryRingworld Series, Known Space2008 
Destiny's RoadfictionNiven, Larrysame universe as 'Beowulf's Children'2002 
Saturn's RacefictionNiven, Larry and Barnes Steven 2016 
Building Harlequin's MoonfictionNiven, Larry and Cooper, Brenda 2009 
Betrayer of WorldsfictionNiven, Larry and Lerner, Edward M.Known space2017 
Destroyer of WorldsfictionNiven, Larry and Lerner, Edward M.Known space2017 
Fleet of WorldsfictionNiven, Larry and Lerner, Edward M.Known space2008 
Juggler of WorldsfictionNiven, Larry and Lerner, Edward M.Known space2009 
The Mote In God's EyefictionNiven, Larry and Pournelle, JerryMoties 12008 
The Gripping HandfictionNiven, Larry and Pournelle, JerryMoties 22009 
Beowulf's ChildrenfictionNiven, Larry and Pournelle, Jerrysequel to The Legacy of Heorot2000 
Fallen AngelsfictionNiven, Larry; Pournelle,Jerry; Flynn,Michael 2012 
The Making of a Christian Wackonon-fictionNobel, Steve 2011 
The Time TradersfictionNorton, AndreTime War 12016 
All Cats are GreyfictionNorton, Andreshort story2015 
Knowing Godnon-fictionPacker, J. I. 2013 
Last EnemyfictionPiper, H. Beam 2017 
Murder in the GunroomfictionPiper, H. Beam 2017 
OmnilingualfictionPiper, H. Beam 2016short story
Space VikingfictionPiper, H. Beam 2016 
The Cosmic ComputerfictionPiper, H. Beam 2013 
JEMfictionPohl, Frederik 2010 
Narabedla LTD.fictionPohl, Frederik 2010 
The Cool WarfictionPohl, Frederik 2010 
The Day The Martians CamefictionPohl, Frederik 2013 
The Merchants WarfictionPohl, Frederik 2017sequel to The Space Merchants
The Siege of EternityfictionPohl, Frederik 2017 
The World at the End of TimefictionPohl, Frederik 2015 
The Day of the Boomer DukesfictionPohl, Frederik(short story)2013 
Beyond the Blue Event HorizonfictionPohl, FrederikHeechee series  
GatewayfictionPohl, FrederikHeechee series  
Heechee RendezvousfictionPohl, FrederikHeechee series  
The Annals of the HeecheefictionPohl, FrederikHeechee series  
The Boy Who would Live ForeverfictionPohl, FrederikHeechee series2018 
The Space MerchantsfictionPohl, Frederik and Kornbluth, Cyril M.   
Exile - and GloryfictionPournelle, Jerry 2009 
The Children's HourfictionPournelle, Jerry and Stirling, S. M.Man-Kzin Wars 2, Known Space  
StratafictionPratchett, Terry 2008 
The Color of MagicfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 012007 
The Light FantasticfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 022007 
Equal RitesfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 032002 
MortfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 042007 
SourceryfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 052007 
Wyrd SistersfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 062008 
PyramidsfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 072002 
Guards! Guards!fictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 082002 
EricfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 092002 
Moving PicturesfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 102007 
Reaper ManfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 112007 
Witches AbroadfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 122008 
Small GodsfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 132008 
Lords and LadysfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 142004 
Men At ArmsfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 152008 
Soul MusicfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 162007 
Interesting TimesfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 172007 
MaskeradefictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 182008 
Feet of ClayfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 192008 
HogfatherfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 202008 
JingofictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 212008 
The Last ContinentfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 222006 
Carpe JugulumfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 232008 
The Fifth ElephantfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 242002 
The TruthfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 252008 
Thief of TimefictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 262007 
The Last HerofictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 272012 
The Amazing Maurice and his Educated RodentsfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 282008 
Night WatchfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 292008 
The Wee Free MenfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 302006Tiffany Aching 1
Monstrous RegimentfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 312007 
A Hat Full of SkyfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 322008Tiffany Aching 2
Going PostalfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 332008 
Thud!fictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 342006 
WintersmithfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 352013Tiffany Aching 3
Making MoneyfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 362008 
Unseen AcademicalsfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 372011 
I shall wear MidnightfictionPratchett, TerryDiscworld 382012Tiffany Aching 4
TruckersfictionPratchett, TerryThe Bromeliad Trilogy 12012 
DiggersfictionPratchett, TerryThe Bromeliad Trilogy 22012 
WingsfictionPratchett, TerryThe Bromeliad Trilogy 32012 
The Long EarthfictionPratchett, Terry & Baxter, StephenLong Earth 12014 
The Long WarfictionPratchett, Terry & Baxter, StephenLong Earth 22018 
Good OmensfictionPratchett, Terry & Gaiman, Neil 2008 
Volume 1: Breaking StrainfictionPreuss, PaulArthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime2010 
Volume 2: MaelstromfictionPreuss, PaulArthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime2014 
Volume 3: Hide & SeekfictionPreuss, PaulArthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime2014 
Volume 4: The Medusa EncounterfictionPreuss, PaulArthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime2014 
Volume 5: The Diamond MoonfictionPreuss, PaulArthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime2014 
Volume 6: The Shining OnesfictionPreuss, PaulArthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime2014 
Where the Lost Things ArefictionRucker, Rudy and Bisson, Terry 2020short story
Empire of the EastfictionSaberhagen, Fred 2011 
Rogue BerserkerfictionSaberhagen, Fred 2014 
Tek MoneyfictionShatner, William 2014Goulart, Ron
The Law of WarfictionShatner, William 2016 
Step into ChaosfictionShatner, WilliamQuest for Tomorrow2009 
CrossoverfictionShepherd, JoelA Cassandra Kresnov Novel (1)2009 
BreakawayfictionShepherd, JoelA Cassandra Kresnov Novel (2)2009 
KillswitchfictionShepherd, JoelA Cassandra Kresnov Novel (3)2009 
A Choice of GodsfictionSimak, Clifford D.   
Cemetery WorldfictionSimak, Clifford D. 2018 
CityfictionSimak, Clifford D.   
EmpirefictionSimak, Clifford D. 2012 
Hellhounds of the CosmosfictionSimak, Clifford D. 2012 
MastodoniafictionSimak, Clifford D.   
Our Children's ChildrenfictionSimak, Clifford D. 2010 
Project PopefictionSimak, Clifford D.   
Ring around the sunfictionSimak, Clifford D. 2012 
Shakespeare's PlanetfictionSimak, Clifford D. 2018 
Special DeliverancefictionSimak, Clifford D.   
The Fellowship of the TalismanfictionSimak, Clifford D.   
Way StationfictionSimak, Clifford D.   
Where the Evil DwellsfictionSimak, Clifford D. 2010 
Project MastodonfictionSimak, Clifford D.(short story)2013 
The world that could't befictionSimak, Clifford D.(short story)2012 
The Street That Wasn't TherefictionSimak, Clifford D. and Jacobi, Carl Richard(short story)2013 
HyperionfictionSimmons, Dan12013 
The Fall of HyperionfictionSimmons, Dan22014 
EndymionfictionSimmons, Dan32020 
The Rise of EndymionfictionSimmons, Dan42020 
IliumfictionSimmons, Dani12020 
OlymposfictionSimmons, Dani22020 
A Pest Most FiendishfictionSmith, Caighlan 2020short story
TriplanetaryFictionSmith, Edward ElmerLensman 12020 
Johnnon-fictionSproul, RC 2014 
Her Majesty's WizardfictionStasheff, ChristopherA Wizard in Rhyme ( 1)2001 
A Wizard in MidgardfictionStasheff, ChristopherChronicles of the Rogue Wizard2010 
The Warlock in Spite of HimselffictionStasheff, ChristopherWarlock of Gramarye ( 1)2001 
The Warlock UnlockedfictionStasheff, ChristopherWarlock of Gramarye ( 3)2001 
The Warlock HereticalfictionStasheff, ChristopherWarlock of Gramarye ( 7)2011 
The Warlock's CompanionfictionStasheff, ChristopherWarlock of Gramarye ( 8)2011 
The Warlock's CompanionfictionStasheff, ChristopherWarlock of Gramarye ( 8)2018 
ArmorfictionSteakley, John 2011 
Galaxy BluesfictionSteele, Allen 2017 
Man-Kzin Wars VfictionStirling, S.M. and Thomas T. ThomasMan-Kzin Wars  
Case for a Creatornon-fictionStrobel, Lee 2009 
The Case for Christnon-fictionStrobel, Lee 2012 
The Case for Faithnon-fictionStrobel, Lee 2016 
The HobbitfictionTolkien, J. R. R. 1978 
The Lord of the RingsfictionTolkien, J. R. R. 1978 
The Pursuit of Godnon-fictionTozer, A. W. 2010 
Breakfast of ChampionsfictionVonnegut, Kurt Jr. 1973 
Cat's CradlefictionVonnegut, Kurt Jr. 1973 
Slaughter-house FivefictionVonnegut, Kurt Jr. 1973 
The Sirens of TitanfictionVonnegut, Kurt Jr. 1973 
Welcome to the Monkey HousefictionVonnegut, Kurt Jr. 1973 
Beginnings In the Old Testamentnon-fictionVos, Howard F. 2008 
Small WarsfictionWallace, Matt 2020short story
Heirs of EmpirefictionWeber, David 2019 
On Basilisk StationfictionWeber, David   
The Man with Two Left FeetfictionWodehouse, P. G. 2016 
Prayernon-fictionYancey, Philip 2011 
Where Is God When It Hurts?non-fictionYancey, Philip 2011 
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